DTC Creations was established in 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa and has been involved in Consulting and Home Renovation since then.

Dave has a background of technical design, engineering and sales. He is extremely creative and has the unique ability to visualise, design and create beautiful living spaces, mainly in the areas of renovation and refurbishment.

Kitchen and Bathroom design are his speciality, together with specifically customised items for his clients’ individual requirements eg. Bespoke furniture, cupboards, desks as well as decking.

Dave’s skills provide our clients with quality, service and originality.


Project Consulting

Dave has been involved with high-end renovation projects from Penthouse suites to Upmarket Guesthouses, but his passion is for bringing creative flare to all of his clients no matter how big or small the project.

Concept Design

This includes assisting clients to create their living spaces with the flow to suit their needs.

Other Services

Dave offers a personalised experience which entails assistance with the clients choices regarding selection of tiles and décor.
He also offers tiling, painting, and installation of Isoboard ceilings, water- features and landscaping.

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